Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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From left: Azni, Dharshini dan Shalini

Administration Team

Ak Pharmacy and Dimesoft Team

(1) MAS AYU products are the result of many years of scientific research and quest for a natural spice based food supplement to enhance health and beauty.

(2) MAS AYU products were formulated collectively by naturopathists, pharmacists and doctors after more than five years of trials on patients.

(3) The various formulae are carefully compounded for all major diseases states, both for prevention, adjunct therapy and treatment.


MAS AYU recipes work towards creating a disease refusal state (DRS) in the ordinary individual. It heals diseases by balancing the disrupted nutrient and biochemical states. The thousands of bioactive principles in the spices will restore the disrupted balances in the human body and bring the immune state to its optimum.

The disease preventing power of the human body will be enhanced to its limits, thereby protecting the body from illness.

One of the superior aspects of the MAS AYU products is in its unquestionable safety for human consumption, since these spices have been consumed by human beings for thousands of years, without any untoward side effects, there is a natural guarantee for its total safety.

Only spice based health products can enjoy this greatness, even herbs which are made from leaves and roots do not posses this unique quality.

MAS AYU group of health recipes is the product of many years of scientific clinical research conducted by Dr. Ananda Krishnan, a clinical pharmacist and naturopath with wide experience as a hospital pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia .

With more than 20 years of both Allopathic and Naturopathic clinical experience and a research doctoral dissertion on spices for health, a unique study which unraveled the secrets of health within spices.

Since his research on spices 10 years ago, Dr. Ananda Krishnan developed more than 20 health recipes based on spices, edible seeds and cereals to empower human health, as adjunct natural therapies for the prevention of illness and also as alternative and complimentary natural therapy for the management of illness.

The research on spices and edible herbs was prompted because of the proven safety of spices which has been consumed by people for thousands of years. The safety of spices renders the product human friendly and totally safe for consumption.

Three categories of spice based products have been identified, first the MAS AYU SPECIALITIES, the second are the PREMIUM SPICE RECIPES and thirdly INTEGRATED SPICE MEDICINAL HERBAL PRODUCTS.
These formulae have been tested on patients at the AK Naturopathy Center for more than five years and its benefits have been confirmed by the clinical outcomes and laboratory tests. More than 1,200 diabetic patients have used some of these products and most of them have shown remarkable improvements.

After five years trial period and having found that these products have powerful medical value, these products have been submitted to the Drug Control Authority of the Ministry of Health for Approval.

The developer of the product believe that the health values of spices must be shared with all humanity.
He is now embarking on a mission to bring these amazing products to the whole world.

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